Thursday, 28 March 2013

IndoGroupon Launches their Discount Coupon System In the Market

Groupon Indonesia has recently launched their discount coupon system to their customers in Indonesia with unbelievable mouth-watering discounts on their entire product range. They offer their deal in National, B2B and Travelling categories. The registered member can choose a variety of products from them.

They are the only Groupon Company offers fantastic mouth-watering discounts every day on their Groupon catalogue. The Groupon catalogue ranges from Restaurants, Hotels, Cinemas, Spas & Massages, Travelling, Yoga, Tickets, Books, Entertainment, Courses and many more products.

They are offering 50 – 90% discounts on their entire Groupon product range and also offering customer warranty. They are not charging any fee for registration into their Groupon Indonesia site and they charge for buying the coupons. They are giving an opportunity to get bonuses and gifts for the active members.

They will be given an expiry date for every discount deal, and the member has to utilize that discount coupon within that prescribed time, otherwise the discount coupon is not validated.
They send their promo through email, mobile, SMS on day-to-day process, by offering the best deal for that day, any member interested in that deal, then can directly purchase by clicking the BUY button from email or mobile or by sending an SMS.

Open Groupon account today freely at and avail 50 – 90% discount every day. Buy the discounts from their site which are attractive, to buy enough click the BUY in email, mobile or from website. For purchasing the ticket registration with their website is mandatory and for this registration they will not charge and it's free.

They are offering two types of Groupon:

1. With a minimum requirement: A member with a new coupon will receive after the minimum number of buyers is met. In case, the time limit is exceeded, the purchase and sale of the minimum number is not reached by the member, the coupon will be cancelled. In this condition, they will refund the purchase price without any deductions. To get these types of discounts, invitations and recommendations play a vital role in the success of a discount deal.

2. Without a minimum requirement: The member can use this coupon immediately after the purchase. Usually, the types of coupons offered by the Groupon Indonesia are of no minimum buyer requirement, in accordance with the customs and culture in Indonesia.

They have launched one more excellent feature and by this Groupon Indonesia look more beautiful on your mobile phone. For getting their excellent feature logon to purchase and redeem their coupons whenever and wherever. Their feature can be used in all mobile browsers like iPhone, BlackBerry, PDA, Windows mobile and many more.

About IndoGroupon

They are the largest Groupon clone in Indonesia; PT IndoGroupon Citra Perkasa is the only registered company for ‘Groupon’ in Indonesia. They are the leading online stores who are offering amazing discount coupons on their entire product range in National, B2B and Travel categories.

Media Contact
Irene Metta Devi,
Jakarta, Indonesia

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